1. What is the strongest entry in the site journal? Why?

Photos, lots of photos, plenty of photos.

Because all the web reader love pictures not words.

2. What did you enjoy about this assignment? Why?

Yeah. Because I get a reason to go to visit the mountain and camping every week

3. What was difficult or challenging about the assignment? What could be improved in your site journal, or what do you wish you had done differently?

The distance. I am the only person can drive. So for every visit, I have to drive over 5 hours for a round trip, really tired. I really hope I can use my air-drone in the national park but they say NO.

4. How did you synthesize your entries as you completed the final version of the site journal?

Really tough to finish five times visit although I visit there over eight times. But I am really proud about myself because I choose a beautiful and challenge place, not a nearby place.

5. What risks – in the writing, images, ideas – did you take in the site journal?

Do not know what I should write for my photos. I have a lot of images, but the writing part is really suck for me. I thought this would be a very easy work, but actually it is not if I want to have a good journal.

6. What did you learn about your site and about nature writing by completing the site journal?

Do not choose a very far journal, it is suck! And take the photo for the same place for every visit.Then you can have a compare for every two weeks.


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