It is 11/13/2016, a sunny day with a little cold. I really hope I can see the snow today.

And when we drive to the half way, we have this view.47758c8f377a2be6bc07166325a0365cNice!

Snow on the mountain!


When we just enter the mountain,

we can already see the snow fly all around.

Welcome to the winter!

Driving become a challenge,

but this can not stop me.



Road closed? Really? Why? They should clean the snow!

So, we decided to walk to the peak.


About one miles away, the wind becomes stronger and stronger.

Snow fly again and cut my face.

The only feel is: god, I should wear more clothes and my gloves.

So, just about half an hour walking, we give up.

This let me remember into the wild

With about 25 degree and the huge wind

how can he survive during the winter without the bus

Thus, do not do any stupid decision about the nature.


(this is what we could see)(image from google)

Rocky mountain is much like the yellow stone national park. Its idea is create a national park without destroy the park.

September 4, 1915 – Rocky Mountain National Park dedicated.

1916 Organic Act establishing the National Park Service is enacted by Congress.

People used 4 years to construct the trail road


This is how the trail road constructed

And RMNP has following research now:

  1. Restoration of Riparian Willows
  2. Assessing the Vulnerability of White-tailed Ptarmigan to Climate Change
  3. Nutrient Retention and Productivity in Rocky Mountain Streams Under Alternative Stable States
  4. Constraints on Colorado Front Range Evolution by Testing and Developing Helium Thermochronometers

(link to the reasearches)

(just an interesting video I want to share)

Well.. I have no idea for these researches.

Whatever, I finally see the snow here!

But where is the snow in the school?

The vice-effect of the greenhouse effect


Minzheng Jiang


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