Fracking is use a drill to dig a huge channel underground and put chemists in, wait for a few months or years, let the channel break and make CH4. This is a very nice idea to make the nature gas by human. However, the process of drill may meet the underground water layer. If they break those layers and pour some toxic chemists, the water source will be polluted. This will affect the nearby residents. We saw residents near the fracking place never drink the water from the taps because those water are ignitable!Besides that, the bad smell of the water is also horrible, those chemists made the water very pungent. When animals drank those water, their hair stared falling off. One of the key problem is the local water departments are bribed. If you ask me if I support the fracking, I will say yes now. But the place of the fracking must be far away from the human. With the time going, coal and oil become less and less. Nuclear energy, solar energy and wind energy are developing, but they still need time. And during this time, the main energy is still coal, oil and natural gas. Compare to coal and oil, natural gas is much better. But the people who are creating the natural gas only care the profit. This is the problem, they bribe all the local department as they can, hinder journalist’s interview and so on. Fracking is good for human but slowly murder residents. If you ask why we can not stop fracking or decrease fracking area, I can only say the world need energy and plutocrats need money.


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