I was a really sunny day, without any snow. Before I left, I wonder if the mountain would be covered by the snow and if I can feel the snow.

I went to RMNP again and everything changed, but not much. Big hope, big lost.


When we just reached the park, we can barely see any snow. I just asked: “where is my snow? It should appear three weeks ago.”


Went to the peak of the mountain, we could see the mountain was nearly covered by the snow although it was very thin. Well, nice view. According to this, I can say the snow will appear in one month, if not, it is not Denver.


The sun was really bright made me cannot drive very fast. Mountains became layers and layers. On the south, there was no snow; on the north, it was another world. I do not know what I can say to the mother nature, but it is magic.

I hope I can see the big snow in Denver because the place I lived nearly had no snow and the only reason I come to DU is because I want to see the snow.


Minzheng Jiang


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