In class writing

Neither of them I felt in my life before. The smoke in the factory means development. After the first industry evolution, there are more and more white smoke appear in the world because the world is developing, we need more materials. So, factory smoking appears more and more. Then, white is not lack of color. In physics, white light is the combination of three basic lights, red,blue and yellow. Therefore, my idea of white is the opposite way of Houston. Next question, why do people caught up the whiteness. White means light, means sun. When human appears, human love day light because people can see what’s going on. And at night, human have no way to see anything, this means danger. So, people caught up whiteness is because of the instinct.

Because in the small group, all students need to talk about something or the group will be terribly quiet and each student can have a chance to say something. In big group, if everyone want to say something, the class will be a mess. Also, students can learn from each other because they can listen to others. Students will learn how to respect to others and how to reject others without hurt them. Then, teachers can know which student love talking and which do not. When teacher points someone to say something, there will not have some embraces.  But also, small group discussion will divided class as many groups, maybe there will be a class debate or quarrel every class and if the whole small group members do not like to talk, this is really awkward.


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