National Park 2nd Trip

Time went so quickly.

I did not even feel it.

In one week,

we could not do a lot,

but nature,

made a huge change.


Just a week, it snows. The mountains were not green any more. They became colorful, like wearing a nice kimono.

Green, yellow and red composed this picturesque landscape. This was the nature’s chemistry classroom. She set the world as the chemists and time was catalyst.

img_8442Although weather became colder and colder, moose were still active all the time. They were the few animals did not affected by the chemical reaction from the nature.





The yellow symbolized fall was coming, but the snow told us, winter would come soon. I did not know how many days I could still enjoy the fall, but the only thing  I knew was this landscape could not see anymore because the nature was unique. Every scenery could not appear twice. So, just spent once a week to enjoy the nature and took a look what happened next week.




National Park 2nd Trip”的一个响应

  1. 1.You did a great job working in the photos with what you’re talking about. I thought the pictures on the road leading up to the park were really cool, it gives you an idea of how high up you were. The ones at the top of the mountain also shows that you reached 11997 ft.
    2.I think that its cool how you mentioned how different this state is from your home state. Also how you were able to figure out a way to overcome struggling with taking in oxygen by having a lot of dihydrogen monoxide and going shopping in the visitor center. It was also interesting to see that the mountains had snow on the tops of them only a week after you took your first photo.
    3.You could add if you saw any other people or animals? Also how you felt about the weather change from one week to the next.
    4.You should defiantly continue with all your photos, they’re so pretty. You have done a great job so far, but try to keep making your journal entries a little longer because the park is really cool and people would want to know about your experience so they can possibly visit the sight.


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