Rock mountain National Park 1st Trip

Today is 09/17/2016. I went to the Rock Mountain national park with my friend Jack. When we arrived at the visitor center, we noticed we only need one pass for one vehicle. I did not know why my parents bought two passes last year. They should save $80 to get a good meal, maybe half.

It was not cold today, but this did not happen on the mountain. Both of us wear cloaks just because the wind was sooooo big. Just like knives sketched on your face.IMG_8315.JPG

This was the photo when we stopped at the first parking lot. You might think why we stopped there because there was no landscape. Well, I just felt woozy.

12cccb784af97f6e42498b958b631736We saw yellow and orange colors beside the freeway. But in FL, the color for the state is green. Yes, only green and for whole year.

(That’s why I leave FL)

 This is the top of the mountain we could reach, 11997 ft. There is only 60%-70% Oxygen rather than the sea level. So I felt dizzy and tired over two hours. To overcome this problem, we used a lot of dihydrogen monoxide and went shopping in the vistor center for a long time.

I really hope I can see the snow early because I might get a drone at the end of September.


Chef MJ


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