Smoke mountain is located in the west of North Carolina. Smoke mountain has 522,419 acres and over 10 millions of visitors every year. It was three days before Thanks Giving, I went to smoke mountain with my friends. We drove from Tampa (FL) and passed Georgia to NC and cost us over 8 hours. The weather was not very cold so there was no snow on the mountain. The road was really tough to drive because there were so many curves and we drove up down all the time. We lived on the mountain and enjoyed some Germany dishes. Well, good food, good cost.

Because of the high altitude, we had to go to sleep very early to comfort ourselves for a while. The second day, we really reached the top of the mountain. There is totally no signal for all smart devices. But the landscapes were really good.DSC_0687.JPG

On the top of the mountain, there was a lookout platform. You could see the whole landscape of the town. Image that, when you stand on the high platform, the gentle wind blew on your face, look at the city and thought: This is my city. I could not tell you how good it was! If you want to know what is the real feeling, just book you plane tickets and enjoy the trip.


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